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It is the mission of The Education Foundation of South Brunswick Township, Inc. (a non-profit corporation) to promote and provide educational support and opportunities through innovative programs and projects. The organization will fulfill its mission by attracting and allocating financial and in-kind gifts of goods and services to and for the students of the South Brunswick School District.

The Foundation will carry out its mission by focusing its support in the following areas:

Enhancing Student Development & School Facilities

Providing funds for learning activities that supplement, complement, and augment the basic educational program.

Providing equipment and facilities not funded through other means.

Encouraging excellence through creative learning and teaching

Providing venture capital for creative ideas and programs.

Supporting the professional growth of staff.

Promoting community/school partnerships

Promoting community awareness of educational challenges and solutions.

Developing innovative programs to address the needs of students of the South Brunswick School District and the community it serves.

Providing avenues for individuals, businesses, and organizations to share resources and gifts with the South Brunswick School District.