2014-2015 Grants Announced
Press Release - January 9, 2015
The Education Foundation of South Brunswick Township, Inc., announced the successful grant applicants for its 2014-2015 grants program.  Applicants could be awarded up to $500 for an individual grant or up to $1,000 for a cooperative grant.

The Foundation awarded over $10,000 in grants to members of the Brooks Crossing Elementary School (BC), Crossroads North Middle School (XRN), Crossroads South Middle School (XRS), Greenbrook Elementary School (GB), Indian Fields Elementary School (IF) and South Brunswick High School (SBHS)  facilities.

Among the innovative ideas and programs the Foundation is investing in are:

Ipad for Differentiating Student Learning Jeanne Yannacci (BC)
High Interest/Low LevelFiction and Nonfiction Reading Books Kristin Konowicz (IF)
Digi Blocks to Develop Place Value Skills Patricia DelGuercio and Terri Wells (IF)
Hunger Games Physics and Graphic Design Kathleen Murphy, Misty Malanga, Kathleen McMillan (SBHS)
The Fleet Kelly Boyer (SBHS)
Raz Kids Subscription for Second Grade Susan Pazinko (BC)
Fraction Unit Enhancement Melissa Caruso (BC)
Paired Texts: Building Comprehension Leah Carson and Jane Sandberg (GB)
Educational Classroom Math and Language Arts Indoor Recess Games Mariola Lawnick (IF)
Digi Blocks to Develop Place Value Skills Karen Kinsey and Alasia Bedson (IF)
Personalizing Math Instruction with 21st Century Technology Debra Bevan, Caroline Gonzales, Karen Harbison (BC)
Non-Fiction Guided Reading Leveled Book Sets Maryanne Boehm, Colleen Eichenlaub, Cathy Werosta, Lorrie Costanza (IF)
ELA Bundles for Grades 6-8 Kelli Zicha (XRS)
Electronic Literature Portfolio (Partially Funded) Kelli Zicha (XRS)
Empowering Struggling Readers Allison Arey, Jennifer Cole, Jessica Patterson, Jen Poli (XRN)


Since it began grants, in the spring of 2011, the Foundation has granted nearly $50,000.

The next application window will open during September 2015 for the 2015-2016 grant program.

It is the mission of The Education Foundation of South Brunswick Township, Inc., a (501)(c)(3) non-profit corporation, to promote and provide educational support and opportunities through innovative programs and projects. The Foundation will fulfill its mission by attracting and allocating financial and in-kind gifts of goods and services to and for the students of the South Brunswick School District.

For more information contact Martin Abschutz at (732) 631-5644 or e-mail


To see information on all grants: View the Grant Report


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