2016-2017 Grants Announced
Press Release - December 26, 2016
The Education Foundation of South Brunswick Township, Inc., announced the successful grant applicants for its 2016-2017 grants program.  Applicants could be awarded up to $500 for an individual grant or up to $1,000 for a cooperative grant.

The Foundation awarded nearly $10,000 in grants to members of the Brooks Crossing Elementary School (BC), Brunswick Acres Elementary School ("BA"), Constable Elementary School ("CO"), Crossroads North Middle School (XRN), Crossroads South Middle School (XRS), Greenbrook Elementary School (GB), Indian Fields Elementary School (IF) and South Brunswick High School (SBHS)  facilities.

Among the innovative ideas and programs the Foundation is investing in are:

Breakout Edu Games Arianne Dowd (SBHS)
Flexible Seating Brandi Whitaker, Jessice Heine-Steele, Victoria Schwartz (BA)
Flexible Seating Lisa Cirone (XRS)
Flexible Seating Rose Flahive (XRN)
Active Learning Stools Vivian Scavo, Kimerly Perillo (XRN)
Sensational Sensory Room Rae Wine, Lizabeth Steady (XRS)
Self Regualtion Loan Closet Madelyn Neufeld, Kim Hans (BC)
Fidget and Sensory Toys Jennifer Klein (BC)
Sensory Materials Kelli Zicha, Paula Lamprecht, Mellisa Lambert, Paige Rimmer, Barbara McCarthy, Allison Lipset Young (XRS)
Flexible Seating Karen O'Brien, Aliki Socratous (IF)
Flexible Seating Kristen Konowicz, Barbara Nogueras (IF)
Kinesthetic Materials Jessica Patterson, Diana Vander Valk (XRN)
Ipad Pro for Digital Music Classroom Donald Strusz (XRS)
Ozobots Jennifer Abbey, Alisia VanLierop, Leslie Bock, Nicole Stafford (GB)
Google Cardboard & Expeditions Marc Lifland (SBHS)
Beebot Robots Rachel Olszewski (CO)
Beebot Robots Susan Pazinko (BC)


Since it began grants, in the spring of 2011, the Foundation has granted nearly $65,000.

The next application window will open during September 2017 for the 2017-2018 grant program.

It is the mission of The Education Foundation of South Brunswick Township, Inc., a (501)(c)(3) non-profit corporation, to promote and provide educational support and opportunities through innovative programs and projects. The Foundation will fulfill its mission by attracting and allocating financial and in-kind gifts of goods and services to and for the students of the South Brunswick School District.

For more information contact Martin Abschutz at (732) 631-5644 or e-mail


To see details and more information on all grants: View the Grant Report


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